The Importance Of The NSA Surveillance

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NSA Surveillance
"I can 't in good conscience allow the U.S. government to destroy privacy, internet freedom and basic liberties for people around the world with this massive surveillance machine they 're secretly building" (Edward Snowden). The NSA began monitoring and collecting sensitive and personal information from Americans such as their emails, phone calls, photos and other private material. Massive surveillance began in 2001 after the terrorist attack in New York and since then there has been a big peak in government watching. It 's unnecessary for the NSA to monitor American’s private conversations as well as other sensitive data because people should be able to have a sense of privacy in personal communication with others.
Government watching is something that the government shouldn’t do because although there are bad people in this world it is irrelevant for them to watch everyone because not everyone is bad and many people disfavors this decision. In fact, the majority of Americans disapprove of the U.S. government collecting their phone and internet data as a part of an anti- terrorism effort (Gao Par. 3). Between the democrats, republicans, and the independent voters most disagree in the NSA overseeing people 's private phone calls, messages, etc. From all the votes collected 54% of the voters disagreed in NSA 's massive surveillance act and 42% agreed to government monitoring. All in all, when has the NSA actually found any viable information on a
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