The Importance Of The New Woman

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The term “New Woman” was coined by the writer and speaker Sarah Grand in 1894 it was a feminist ideal that emerged in the late nineteenth century a time where women were subdued and were not given desirable status and rights . It soon became a popular and a catchy-phrase in newspapers and books and journals. The New Woman, a significant cultural icon of the of the time, originated from the stereotypical Victorian woman who was exactly an opposite of the women which was being portrayed from centuries. She was intelligent, educated, emancipated, independent and self-supporting and a one who could take stand for herself. The New Women were not only middle-class female radicals, but also factory and office workers. As Sally Ledger rote: many years later because o her words in the March 1894 North American Review that had inspired a vehement response from fellow woman. writer Ouida, who called the New Woman a menace to humankind…with her fierce vanity, her undigested knowledge, her over-weening estimate of her own value and her fatal want of all sense of the ridiculous.”

It is because of this essay that is recognized as the ignition point for the New Woman debate worldwide , which then preoccupied British and American societies in periodicals, novels, and plays through at least the end of the century and spread its wings worldwide due to the values presented throughout .

At the end of the nineteenth century, New Woman ideology began to play a very important and a

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