The Importance Of The Nursing Process

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In this chapter, the researchers will describe the background of the study, followed by the factors which might be the influence in implementations of the nursing processes. The significance of this study will be also explained in this chapter. Other than that, the objectives and research questions of this study will be also highlighted. Finally, the operational definitions of practice, associated factors, nursing processes, and nurses will be briefly explained.
Nursing process is a systematic, rational method of planning and providing individualized nursing care, as the main objective is to delivery top notch quality care. The application continues for as long as the nurse and clients have direct interactions toward change in the client’s physical or behavioral responses (Afolayan,2013). Could be taken as one of the interactive in problem-solving process, the nursing process has provided framework in delivering nursing care. This is also a systematic and individualized way in achieving a specific outcome through nursing care.
In order to identify and manage patient’s health issues, a problem solving method through specific nursing care known as the nursing process can be used. It is an approach to nursing care in improving quality of care to patient (Fisseha Hagos,2014). The nursing process have five phases which are assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementing and evaluating. This is supported by Afolayan (2013) describing the nursing process as a problem solving method

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