The Importance Of The Ocean

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Imagine walking on a beach where one can admire the beauty of the ocean. Now, imagine walking on the same beach but the ocean is almost gone, and the rest that is left is completely contaminated such that one can notice the dead animals in the sand. All the different kinds of marine animals are now extinct and it is all the fault of human society. The Planet Earth is the only planet in the solar system that is able to sustain water. 71 percentage of the entire planet is covered by five oceans which form one complete big ocean. In other words, these five oceans together make a completely different world. Humanity does not understand the importance oceans have in the Earth. Nowadays, it is important to understand this concept and discover a method in which one can save the oceans for future generations. In Jon Bowermaster’s book Oceans, The threats to Our Seas and What You Can Do to Turn the Tide, short essays by Leonardo DiCaprio, Alexandra Cousteau, Christopher Mann, Callum Roberts, and Captain Paul Watson, make the reader aware of how long can humans ignore the fact that without the oceans humanity cannot exist, the problems towards the ocean caused by society, and how humanity can turn the tide and make a change in the Earth. Humanity nowadays does not understand the importance of the oceans and, that if they disappear, society will not be able to survive. What people call Planet Earth is more like a water planet. 71 percent of the Planet Earth is covered by water,

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