Compare And Contrast Optimists Vs Pessimists

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Path to a better life: Optimists vs. Pessimists
The path that an individual takes to have a better life differs for each person. Often determined by luck and coincidence, some people may just lead a better life because luck favored them, like winning a lottery or finding out that you are from a ruling family by accident. But whether your life gets better by chance or not, you must not give up. Some people had very rough life in the beginning but they never gave up, they kept resisting until they got what they wanted. J.K. Rowling, the famous British novelist, screenwriter, and producer best known as the author of Harry Potter series, was jobless, divorced, and devastated. Rejected by eight publishers, Rowling never gave up and finally published the famous book Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, which quickly
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Pessimists have a much lower chance of getting a job since they think they will not get the job before even trying to apply for it. However, optimists get higher chances of getting a job because they think there is nothing that will prevent them from reaching their dreams. Optimists tend to have better synergy and collaboration with their colleagues. According to a research started in 2005 and ended in 2007, 232 MBA students were surveyed and the data showed that the optimistic students outperformed the pessimistic students in their jobs. The optimistic students were able to adapt to the changing environment and difficulties of their jobs while the pessimists had a hard time adapting(Chris).
So, in the end, optimists and pessimist have their own different perspectives but that does not mean they cannot coexist. Often we find ourselves being optimistic and pessimistic at the same to take the best choices in our lives. But, being optimistic will pay off in many fields of life, whether it is your lover you are dealing with or battling cancer or even having a tough boss, optimists will have the upper
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