The Importance Of The Printing Press

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The printing press was invented centuries ago and with its creation it brought many positive things to many generations. The main idea of printing press was to spread the ideas of people with people at various parts of the world. Since its invention, the printing press has not changed a bit. Certainly, due to various technological advancements, the quality of materials and timeliness of the press have enhanced, and the availability of materials became worldwide. But besides, all these changes, no other improvements were made. We, humans, like to see advancements every day. Every second we are seeking for the new ideas, new improvements that could facilitate our lives. Technological advancements brought a new breath to books. Nobody have anything against the concept of books. In fact, I personally consider books to be the most successful invention that changed the course of human history. They spread amazing things such as ideas, philosophy, stories, and etc. It is impossible to list every great thing that they brought to our lives, because its infinite. Books were significant yesterday, they are significant today, and they will be significant tomorrow. The idea of a book is still trending, however the style and the format of the book is quite changing. Because, the hard copy books are losing their meaning to young generation and this makes me feel confident that in a very short period of time books will just be antiques. “Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore” by Robin Sloan

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