The Importance Of The Right To Go To School

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One might say that their defiance for the word obligation is to follow a strict law. For an example,”I believe my obligation is to attend school.” This might be the case because it is known that you must go to school. However, some people might feel sick and irritated from school and take a day of their own. When people commit this action, is it considered breaking their obligation of going to school? This made me believe that an obligation is not a known law, but something that you personally believe. When you are doing an obligation for what you believe, you will achieve this goal until it is fully complete for the pleasure of your own satisfactory. That is why my biggest obligation, is to please my parents. Making my unorganized bed, doing my dirty dishes, and washing my smelly clothes might be simple tasks to accomplish. When my parents ask me to make my messy bed, it is a simple yes. One way I find myself pleased with my actions, is when my parents are delighted with me. Parents may ask for many different favors because they have authority over me. Later on is when I realize all my time spent helping them, helps me by them having a lot of respect, honesty, and loyalty towards me. This is when I know that I am obligated to please my parents. My parents attitude towards me, reflects on my attitude towards the world because I look up to them in many ways. My parents hope for me to become an exceptional person. Yes, they want me to get good grades and do all the typical

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