The Importance Of Voting In Canada

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What’s the best right that we have in Canada? Well, of course it’s the right to vote. In Canada, everyone is entitled the right to vote as long as they fit 2 requirements which are to be a Canadian Citizen and 18 years of age or older. It might have taken a while for some particular groups to get the right to vote, but today all groups are allowed to vote if the 2 requirements are met. Canadians have been voting since 1792 in Upper and Lower Canada elections, but have been voting in one united election in 1867, when we formed as one united nation known as Canada. From the 1867 to 1963 Canadian federal elections, the voter turnout has been relatively high. Since then, voter turnout has been descending where in the 2011 election only 61% of Canadians decided to vote. In the…show more content…
In Canada, we believe that democracy is the best choice to choose who leads our governments and with voter turnout descending, it seems as though that election results will not always represent what people want in terms of the leader of the government. Canadians, especially young Canadians, seem not to understand the importance of voting and how the results affect their lives. When Canadians decide not to vote, the motivated voters decide what all Canadians will accept as the party who will be the next government in whichever jurisdiction the election took place. With these reasons, I strongly believe that the importance of voting should be more emphasized to Canadians as voter turnout has been descending, it will stimulate stronger participation and interest in political activity and the importance of voting is not understood by the majority of youth in Canada. Voting should be more
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