The Importance Of The Rule Of Law

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The rule of law is a concept mostly used by lawyers and politicians without giving definite meanings to the concept as it has many interpretations. It is viewed in many different ways. It has been seen as a key concept in legal and political philosophy. Also, the rule of law has a practical application in that it can offer guidance on the requirements that a good legal system must adhere to.The rule of law, in as much as it influences legislations by regulating the conduct of government officials and those in authority, there is no judicial legislation contrary to the rule of law. This in essence means that the rule of law is meant to keep individuals ‘in check’ under the law to guide against abuse of power. This essay would be discussing the ways in which the rule of law influences primary legislation as it acts as a guideline for government officials. Succeeding paragraphs would portray the importance of the rule of law acting as a guideline for judicial officials.

The rule of law has a lengthy history which can be traced back to classical civilisation. It was discussed by Plato, in the Ancient Greeks in the fourth century BC, who sought to determine the most effective way to govern a state so as to promote a model society. The rule of law was introduced to England in the Magna Carta, which enshrined the principle that the rulers were subject to the law and legal restraint. There are two main school of thoughts on the rule of law; the formal and substantive school.

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