The Importance Of The Second Amendment To The Constitution

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The Second Amendment to the Constitution, which concerns the right to bear arms, is always a hot-button issue, especially during election season. Gun rights and gun control groups alike have been lobbying Congress for decades to craft legislation in their respective favors. While many citizens think gun be banned, there is a huge among of people who still disagree. Whether gun should be prohibited or not it is still mystery to American. Proponents of more gun control laws state that the Second Amendment intended for militias; that gun violence would be reduced; that gun restrictions have always existed; and that a majority of Americans, including gun owners, support new gun restrictions. For example, I agreed with Professor Blackmun that “We have the Second Amendment before because of the attack of the wild animal.” Back then gun used to be a weapon that protected people, but as society developed people no longer need a gun for that. Instead of using the gun to protect, people tended to misuse it for another purpose such as killing people due to their madness. Therefore gun became as a deadly weapon because we always see in the new that all innocent people get kill by insane people. One recent case that caught people's attention…show more content…
According to my friend, Christian point of view, he stated that "We have a right to bear arms and defend ourselves. People who are law-abiding citizens will be left defenseless while criminals would be still armed. There are over 2,000 crimes recorded per 100,000 population in the U.K. Britain has tight control of guns, and it hasn't done them any good. On the other hand, America has an estimated rate of 466 violent crimes per 100,000. Our rights shouldn't abuse any
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