Motivations In Umar's Portrayal Of The World

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Motivations are what create an article. Motivations are reasons behind something someone does or says. It is what motivates a person to write a story or article, that creates the development of the plot of an article or story. In “Capture of the Christian ‘Navel of the World’” it gives history a first perspective view of the siege of Jerusalem during the first Crusades. “Umar’s Inaugural Speech” is a persuasive speech on how the public should view their new leader, it also comes with a map that shows Muslim expansion and its military campaign. By knowing what motivated these authors, the information in the text becomes more clear to the reader. The authors of “Umar’s Inaugural Address” and The Crusades, were a series of wars that happened…show more content…
So, why did the Author write this historical text? The main motives for the author to write this would be a huge historical event, an increase in hypocrisy, and pride. A huge event is most likely the main reason for this document, without this event there wouldn’t be a document at all! “...our knights in one of the towers fought bravely…” (Document One, “Capture of the Christian ‘Navel of the World’”; Page one; Paragraph two; Sentence four) This event was huge at the time and when something interesting happens people what to know the story. It’s gossip really, but in historical terms, it’s a document. By writing this document the author kept a record of the start of an ongoing war that continues to happen today. The author put names of people who outshined the rest and expressed struggles and gave descriptions of where and what had occurred during the siege of Jerusalem. These descriptions give hints that the document was intended for more than just his generation to gaze upon it was intended as a record in history. To tell a story that no one other than those at the Crusades would experience. The author also had another motive when writing “Capture of the Christian ‘Navel of the World’”,…show more content…
Hypocrisy is a noun, it means Claiming to have morals or beliefs to which one 's behavior does not conform. “...before we made our assault the bishops and priests persuaded all by their preaching and exhortation that a procession should be made round Jerusalem to God’s honour, faithfully accompanied by prayers, alms, and fasting.”(Document One, “Capture of the Christian ‘Navel of the World’”; Page one Paragraph three; Sentence two) The author expresses in words the warriors ' loyalty and faith towards their God. Before the army attacked Jerusalem they had to sacrifice for God (fasting, prayers, and alms) before they risked their lives for him. This author could be intending to make the unfaithful feel guilty about how loyal they are to God. These people who fought in a war for God, because it was his wish, risking their lives, and there are people who rarely even pray to God before they go to bed at night. These people have to claim that they believe in God and follow church rules, however, their behavior, such as not praying before dinner, is considered hypocrisy. The author could be using guilt as a way to persuade people to move away from hypocrisy and put their faith in God. The author’s motive might have been to help decrease the increase in hypocrisy. A third motive the author of “Capture of the Christian ‘Navel of the World’” would
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