The Importance Of The Siege Of Jerusalem In The First Crusades

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Motivations are what create an article. Motivations are reasons behind something someone does or says. It is what motivates a person to write a story or article, that creates the development of the plot of an article or story. In “Capture of the Christian ‘Navel of the World’” it gives history a first perspective view of the siege of Jerusalem during the first Crusades. “Umar’s Inaugural Speech” is a persuasive speech on how the public should view their new leader, it also comes with a map that shows Muslim expansion and its military campaign. By knowing what motivated these authors, the information in the text becomes more clear to the reader. The authors of “Umar’s Inaugural Address” and The Crusades, were a series of wars that happened back in the Middle Ages, when Chivalry and Knights were thriving in Europe. Most importantly, however, the Church held extreme power over the Kingdoms’ governments of England. The word Crusade means a religious war. The citizens of England were told the Turks were hurting and keeping Christians from pilgrimages to the holy land by Pope Urban ll, there was little hesitation, Christians were going to take back the Holy land for God. In “Capture of the Christian ‘Navel of the World’” we get a first-hand experience of the siege of Jerusalem. So, why did the Author write this historical text? The main motives for the author to write this would be a huge historical event, an increase in hypocrisy, and pride. A huge event is most likely the main

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