The Importance Of The Sneetches In Today's Society

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Back in 2014 , statistics showed that people were being discriminated based on being upper class or lower class . In today's world being cast out has become normal , people today have adapted to the idea that there are different groups. Many people state that “does it really matter what we look like and should we truly let it define us. Theodor Geisel illustrates that personal appearance should not define someone in the story of the Sneetches. In the story there are sneetches who feel cast out and feel like they don't belong because they don't have stars on there belly. This story tries to tell others that being different is not a huge issue. Overall the story illustrates that there are barriers between groups and superficially barriers in real life, and equality is important in today's society.
Truly in today's society
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There are many barriers between people because of being discriminated based on appearance,wealth and popularity. In the story the Sneetches according to Theodor Geisel author of the Sneetches effectively illustrates that a person's appearance should not define them. According to the story of the Sneetches there is a huge barrier between the sneetches because some had stars and others didn't. Eventually sneetches were in a “”Terrible mess” (line 70). Truly the Sneetches without stars expressed themselves by acting out by going to fix it up chappie who was willing to help out the Sneetches if they payed for stars . In the end turns out that sneetches figured out that ‘Were exactly
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