The Importance Of The Student Writing Process

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areas of learning we find the students writing process.
1- Writing Skills
Writing can be considered a significant in all contexual aspects of life further away than classroom, not only another section that will rise in the context of a intergrated national examination. Riswanto and Putra (2012) stated that writing is one of the language skills that will never become outdated within education. It is not only basically important in language class, rather in other classes of other subjects.
Writing is also one of the most difficult skills for the students to acquire as writing requires a number of skills and conventions like organizing and developing ideas and information, choosing the right vocabulary accurately to eradicate the ambiguity of meaning and also the practice of accurate grammatical devices to focus and emphasize ideas (Nik et al., 2010, Yunus et al., 2013).
Students often use repetition as an important procedure for vocabulary acquisition (Ellis & Beaton, 1993). However, learning vocabulary by reciting words is painful and ineffective (Li, Yang & Chen, 2010). To enhance the effectiveness for recalling definitions, we should use additional procedures such as the keyword technique (Lawson & Hogben, 1998). Memory strategies which were regarded as powerful mental tools have also been studied. As illustrated by Sozler (2012), they can facilitate remembering and understanding through the use of acronyms, words and images. To enhance the effectiveness of learning,
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