The Importance Of The Taj Mahal

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Dido you know that the ancient Greeks made a list on places you should visit when you go on vacations? In the articles “How to Save the Taj Mahal” by Jeffrey Bartholet and “World’s Wonders, Worn Down” by Cody Crane, the two authors explains the importance of the Taj Mahal. Keeping that in mind, the Taj Mahal should be preserved of all cost. Bartholet explains his personal journey to the Taj Mahal and the history of the Taj Mahal, also trouble that the Taj is facing like pollution problems. Crane tells us about some of the world wonder that are facing problems like the Taj Mahal it self. First, I will give some reasons why the Taj Mahal should be saved. Then, I’ll move on to talk about why other people think it should not be saved. Finally, I will give you one last reason why the Taj should be saved. The 1st reason the Taj Mahal should be preserved is because of the Taj Mahal historically sign facis. In Bartholet article “How to Save the Taj Mahal” he proves that it is a symbol of historical to India and the world when he said, “The criticisms are a measure of how important the complex is to India and the world, as a symbol of historical.” (Bartholet 112) When he said Taj Mahal has is a symbol of historical it made me think of when the emperor Shah Jahan made the Taj Mahal for his wife a long time ago and spent years building it and that made me think of the symbol of historical the Taj Mahal is to the world and India. In Crane article “World Wonders Worn Down” he
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