The Importance Of The Teaching And Learning Process

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Schools are the second place after home where students’ behavior and future educational success are shaped. At schools there are many elements or factors that can influence the teaching and learning process that may take place. Rasyid (2012) stated that there are four perennial truths that make the teaching and learning process possible to take place in the classroom. If one of these is not available, there will be no teaching and learning process, though the learning process itself may still take place, they are: (1) Teacher, (2) Students, (3) Material and (4) Context of time and place. All of them are related to one another. But, among all the above factors, the teacher has the most important role for efficient and quality learning. Markley (2011) stated that Good and qualified teachers are essential for efficient functioning of educational systems and for enhancing the quality of learning. A good teacher and actions to be taken on his part in the classroom play a vital role in provoking effective and efficient learning on the part of the students. Parents trust their children to be taught and educated at school, to be hoped that they will become good and qualified human beings. A teacher takes an important role in motivating the students to get their success in their life. A teacher could bring positive or negative energy to the students that someday will bring him to become a teacher to follow or to avoid by the students. The teachers also play an important role in
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