The Importance Of The Teaching And Learning English Language

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The teaching and learning English language involves four main skills i.e. listening, speaking, reading, and writing. The goal of learning or teaching English language is to empower the students to utilize English for communication. In the previous decade, there was a shift in the focus of language teaching from linguistic competence to communicative competence; since then it was agreed by second language acquisition researchers and English language teachers that learning a foreign language is not just about learning the syntax i.e. grammar and the vocabulary and a set of idioms and expressions but speaking skill is also important. The emphasis is not on whether person is grammatically correct or not but on the use of language to communicate in the target language situation. Developing the communicative competence is very essential to communicate at national and international levels. English is regarded as a vehicular language and used for the purposes of academic advancement, profession advancement, and traveling abroad etc (Davies, 2007). However, speaking skill is widely neglected in our class rooms because speaking skills are hard to practice and assess. Assessment is an umbrella term used to refer to the variety of ways of collecting information about students’ progress (Coombe, Folse, & Hubley, 2007). Assessment enables the teachers to improve teaching and learning based on student’s outcome. The primary purpose of the assessment is to assure better teaching

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