The Importance Of The Virgin Birth Of Jesus

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Virgin birth, a later extrapolation after the concept of godhead in Jesus emerged.
Review of the literature shows that the virgin birth is mentioned only in Matthew and Luke as indicated here. It is counterintuitive to think that something as significant as the virgin birth of Jesus would not be known to the apostle John who doesn’t mention this at all in his Gospel. Also, as mentioned previously the words in Luke and Matthew appear to be fallacies that these authors made in creating a godhead in him similar to the sonship of God, for which there were no witnesses during his life there in Palestine. In this we are sane in that we know it is not an original concept associated with him, as it was unknown to John and apparently to Mark as well. We know something as significant as the birth of him would have been known to all the Gospel writers if it had indeed been a virgin birth. It is for this reason the dream associated with Joseph appears to be fictional where he saw an angel telling him about immaculate conception. It is obvious to a discerning mind that these discrepancies of nature crept into the mindset of people after he emigrated away from Palestine under the auspices of scholars like Paul and other apostles who deviated from his teachings in order to bring his message to the masses of people they wish to impress.
Jesus himself mentioned himself as being the Son of Man which indicates here that Mary being a virgin at the time of conception is a misnomer in that she

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