The Importance Of The Woman's Suffrage Movement

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The Woman’s Suffrage Movement is known for having improved the quality of education for women, but this would not have been possible without the advantages they acquired during the Civil War. During the Civil War women needed to take jobs that were previously held only by men because of the level of education they required. Thus, women were required to have a better education in order to function well in these jobs while the men were at war. Since the jobs of men would undoubtedly be left for women in their absence, they had no other choice but teaching women these professions through a proper education. In addition to the Civil War, the Industrial Revolution was also part of the success for the Woman’s Suffrage Movement because women could operate machinery as easily as men, which meant more jobs were available to them. The success of women obtaining…show more content…
It changed the way many people saw the roles of women in the United States. Everyone put aside their differences and united for the same cause. During the Civil War, the Woman’s Suffrage Movement came to a halt because they joined efforts to help in the war as nurses or occupied men’s positions back at home. At the end of the war women gained more support when they resumed the movement because many people saw the need and importance of women (World Book 318). As the war came to an end men witnessed the great contribution that women had during the war and because of this some men even changed their minds and supported the Woman Suffrage Movement. The movement reunited stronger than ever because after the Civil War they had support to allow them to fight for their rights with more ease. Women’s role in society changed because during the Civil War women took advantage that without the presence of men they would have to take their roles. When men returned from war it was very difficult to get the women out of what had been established in their
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