The Importance Of Therapeutic Communication In Midwifery Care

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“Communication is a combination of verbal and non-verbal behaviours integrated for the purpose of sharing information. Within the nurse-client relationship, any exchange of information between two individuals also carries a message about how to interpret the communication” (Boggs & Arnold, 2011). Communication is how people convey information and ideas through the means of oral, written, visual and other media. Effective communication is vital to nurses when creating and nurturing a satisfactory interpersonal relationship with patients and families that will be beneficial to both parties. Good communication skills can drastically change a patient’s experience and life itself. “Therapeutic communication is an interactive, active, dynamic process entered into by nurse and client for the purpose of achieving identified health related goals.” (Boggs & Arnold, 2011). According to Caughan and Long (2000) as cited in Arnold & Boggs (2011) each therapeutic conversation is unique because the people holding them are different. The diversity of the personnel involved in a therapeutic conversation is an indication that all conversations will be unique but there are a number of universal factors that should be considered when choosing the right approach for an effective therapeutic conversation. An effective therapeutic communication can bring about a fascinating change to a person’s life. “A therapeutic relationship is the relationship established and maintained between a

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