The Importance Of Therapeutic Communication In Nursing

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Communication is a two way process of giving and taking regular information and effective communication is vital for good patient care (Arnold & Boggs,
Therapeutic communication is an essential skill with active listening in advanced patient centred nursing care. (Morrissey and Caghan 2011). Nursing has seen tremendous changes over the years. Therapeutic communication is part of the art of nursing that determines a better positive outcome within the scope of practice.
Gestures, gaze, touch and expressions should be unique as per the culture of the community (Zangaro 2010). Skilful communication promotes great quality care for patients.
One of the new effective clinical communication tools in health service executive is
ISBAR (Identify-Situation-Background-Assessment-Recommendation) for effective communication between multidisciplinary team. In this cost containment atmosphere(W H O 2014) nurses are physically and mentally facing many challenges to attain maximum productivity with minimal cost (BUERHAUS 2009). So therapeutic communication has a great role in this constantly changing technological era of nursing as evidenced in researche (Beason & Dundis 2003). So, I think being there physically to listen to patients in an empathetic way and verbal and non verbal cues are the most important ways to get trust. The logic and objective of my essay is critical thinking and reflection of my own communication techniques to improve any flaws.

For the
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