The Importance Of Thinking In Shakespeare's Romeo And Juliet

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Stop and think is what everyone in the modern life should do because life is long, so we should take our time and think through what we are doing. Many say “ you only live once,” and use it as a valid reason to make decisions without thinking, or do foolish actions. Some believe that you should take it slow and thoroughly think out your decision. To support our opinion we should use examples from modern life and Romeo and Juliet. Acting fast in Romeo and Juliet is acceptable because their lives are short, and if they think too hard it might take them a while, and they will accomplish nothing in their lives. In modern life we have the ability to take our time to make decisions because our lives are much longer, and the mobility we have throughout the world is impeccable. In Romeo and Juliet it is acceptable to use the “ you only live once” philosophy because their lives are relatively short in comparison to today. Life expectancy in the 17th century was only 35-40 years of age.Since their life expectancy was rather short, if they had always been deliberate and thought through their decisions they would have not accomplished much in their life.…show more content…
It all is whether it is acceptable to act without thinking today, or even in the times of Romeo & Juliet. Overall, it is not acceptable to act without thinking in modern day because life is long so we should embrace it, but in Romeo & Juliet times life was very short so they had valid reason to do it. In modern day the technology we have is much greater than what they had once had. Romeo & Juliet both died as teenagers which just shows how short their lives can be, and why it is acceptable for them to act without thinking. In conclusion everyone today should truly use their heads, and think through the decisions they are making before they do
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