The Importance Of Time Management In School

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I plan to handle each and every classroom and academic situation, whether its stressful or not, with responsibility and maturity. School, recently, has been extremely stressful lately and I try not to let the situation get out of control before I am capable of resolving it. By taking control of certain circumstances, I try to prove to my peers, to my teachers, and to myself that no situation is too much for me to handle. I want to show people that I can deal with situations without letting my emotions get the best of me, which I have been known to let happen.

In all honesty, my time management skills are generally pretty bad. I have upset my parents many times because of my poor time management. When it comes to completing my school work,
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Being at Burris Laboratory School, I already have the opportunity to excel in any class there I preform higher that most students my age do. I am not interested in the Academy solely for the academic opportunity it would provide me, but for the skills I would learn by being a student there. If I were to enroll in the Academy, I would eventually learn to improve my time management skills since the schedules aren’t set in stone, like they are at Burris. I would also learn to become more independent, as most of my current friends most likely will not transfer with me. The Indiana Academy is an appropriate educational opportunity because I want to further my knowledge and my skills. Personally, I am greatly interested in Chemistry. It is very interesting to learn what everything around is composed of. I want my education to be as high quality as it possibly can be, and going to the Indiana Academy would give me that opportunity. After I finish high school, I aspire to go to college and then later pursue a career in the medical…show more content…
When I first won the award it didn’t really affect me in any way, because at the time I thought that I was not going to pursue anything in the English field, until recently. A couple of months ago I picked up writing as a hobby again, and simply knowing that one of my past works was selected as best is truly inspiring to work even harder than I did before to create a new story. Another big accomplishment that I am very proud of is when I qualified to compete in the state competition for MathCounts, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to attend due to conflicts in scheduling. During my first year of high school, I decided to join a school sport, which I hadn’t done since I transferred to Burris in the fifth grade, and I earned a spot on varsity. This was a very big accomplishment for me, because one of my dreams growing up as an athlete was to eventually play on varsity and represent my team. The last accomplishment I want to discuss is my 4.0 GPA. Personally, I believe this is my most significant and most optimal achievement since starting high school. I work very hard to get good grades to maintain my GPA, and I look forward to working even harder to keep my GPA and my grades at a superlative

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