The Importance Of Time Management

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ime management is actually a mechanism of planning and controlling goals over a time span with efficiency and productivity. It is closely related to self control when accomplishing specific tasks or projects obeying a due date. Planning for the forthcoming, setting goals and prioritizing tasks are some of the skills or techniques involved in managing time. Hence, it is crucial for university students to administer their time efficiently since they are dealing with lots of tasks and assignments to be handed into their lecturers within an allocated time frame. Moreover, it allows them to have more energy to concentrate on futile things if they know how to set up their time to complete the important things. It generates a person to multitask since it can save more time to work on multiple things. Less stress and higher performance can be achieved if students understand how important time management is. However, it is easy for a student to become devastated by a massive number of tasks and not know where to start, which can lead them towards procrastination. If the habits of procrastination are prevalent to students, constantly late for classes, rehearsals, and ensemble practice sessions and have a complication of meeting deadlines which caused them to end up working longer hours than it should which may lead them to stress. Moreover, if students are not able to handle stress due to poor time management, it may lead them to inadequacy of concentration and preparation for
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