The Importance Of Timekeeping Devices

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We all use timekeeping devices each day, such as clocks, watches and timers, but have you ever wondered where it all began? Timekeeping helps us manage our time in productive ways. I depend on time to get myself ready, do workouts or prepare food. It became a habit to glance at my watch almost every other minute to check the time and I’m sure we all do the same. After centuries of conducting experiments for time accuracy, various timekeeping devices were invented and spread throughout the world. One of the earliest timekeeping devices was found in Ancient Egypt called the Egyptian gnomon, the first instrument to measure time. According to the text, the gnomon was a vertical stick that casts a shadow that told the time of the day (Headrick, 2009). Similar to that was the sundial technique invented by an Arab which divided the day equally into twelve hours. Since this method only required…show more content…
Three tremendous breakthroughs include time accuracy, reliability and organization. Countless scientific experiments required a stopwatch, which meant that many great discoveries would not have come to be if the clock had not advanced further than the sundials of the past. In addition, hospitals and emergency departments depend on time for different tasks, such as prescribing medication, undergoing treatments and responding to emergency situations. If accurate clocks, such as atomic and digital clocks did not exist, I cannot imagine what society would be like today. Furthermore, the populace began to rely on accurate times within their daily lives. Schedules require knowledge of time in order to work. People of different cultures, scientists, businesses, and citizens have always found a need to utilize the most accurate timepiece to the full potential. In school, time is divided to teach different subjects during the day and in workplaces, time is essential to schedule meetings and keep tasks

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