The Importance Of Tobacco

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The Importance of Tobacco Throughout history there have been several miracles that have shaped how people live today. If these miracles did not happen, the entire world would be a different place. The success of Jamestown Virginia is a prime example of this principle. Jamestown did not start out well as a colony, and was in a great amount of debt. Before John Rolfe came, the new colony was looking at failure. Rolfe brought the fine crop of tobacco with him in hopes to save Jamestown from the debt that it was in. Tobacco saved Jamestown because it helped get Jamestown out of debt, it brought new settlers to Virginia, it was extremely easy to grow and grew exceptionally well in the fertile soil, it was the beginning of large plantations, people back in Europe became a main purchaser of the tobacco, and without tobacco Jamestown would have failed as a colony. Before John Rolfe Came to Virginia, Jamestown was in very much debt. “The risk was larger as the colony might fail. The startup costs were enormous and the returns might take years. Investors in such endeavors needed more than a small sense of adventure.” (Joint-Stock Companies, The Virginia Company, a joint-stock company that invested in Jamestown, was becoming worried that Jamestown would not make a profit for them and was about to give up and take their losses. The colonists were not used to doing so much work and were struggling to keep up with payments to the Virginia Company. They needed to

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