The Importance Of Today's Fashion

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The review demonstrated that the women matured in the vicinity of 17 and 25 years had a solid energy for form. Form is the way in which a larger part of individuals dress, wear their hair, act socially, or do different things in a given period (Encarta Encyclopedia, 2007). The young women displayed form particularly in various haircuts, and in various hues that coordinated the states of their appearances and in addition the shade of the various types of outfits (counting smaller than usual skirts, sleeveless shirts, skinnies and 'skin tight ' pants) and extras they wore. The mentality of the women might be caught by what a popular Ghanaian planner, Ofori Atta, expressed that "mold is the general appearance of a person which is acknowledged by a gathering of individuals at a specific time" (Daily Graphic, May 5, 1993 p5).

The Place of Today 's Fashion In Ghana, conventions of dress are viably being disposed of by the more easygoing style of the West. The fittedand-sewn piece of clothing styles of America and Europe which came through relocation in progressive waves over the seas have influenced the Ghanaian form industry. Table 1 demonstrates a few reactions to questions solicited as to the mindfulness from mold particularly dress styles in the Ghanaian culture at present.

As indicated by the study, 180 respondents from the tertiary organizations (67%) noticed that the place of design is for the most part unmistakable in the colleges, the Polytechnics and different

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