The Importance Of Tough Teachers

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Tough teachers have a lot of responsibility along with a small group of supporters and a vast group of haters. A tough teacher is beneficial to students behavior and test scores but harmful to their opinion. Most students do not like very strict teachers and put facts aside and let biasi’s shine. Although the majority of students hate strict teachers there are a few students who embrace there strict teachings and wish to follow their example. Tough teachers get good results due to strict discipline repetitive assignments and carefully chosen topics and subjects. Although it may not seem like it to students tuff teachers are a god given essential that are overlooked and dismissed daily. Tough teachers are needed and hahited in schools abroad but there miserable work and pointless labor pays off. According To a 2005 team of researchers led by Claremont Graduate University better test scores came from tougher teachers and harder work.the idea of work especially busy work bothers students significantly the more work students are expected to do the less attentive to detail the students become and the quality of the work deteriorates greatly . although it seems like more work is worse for the students than to little work there is a median between the two that most tuff teachers have perfected. Repetitive work and strict rule bricks can be harmful but used in moderation it can be extremely effective and beneficial to students attending schools everywhere. Topics and assignments
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