The Importance Of Tourism

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People see that the number of tourists may indeed be growing. But what do these people actually do? When looking at the types of attractions that visit, people see museums and monuments, the main elements of tourism, are still the most popular attractions. Proportionally, they have more presence in the market those artistic manifestations. This is not entirely surprising given that artistic attractions can be seen only at specific times, requires tourists to buy tickets, and is aware of the schedule of the different events and, in many cases, knowledge of required specific language. For all this, the artistic representations are much less accessible to tourists’ attractions asset type. However, an obvious fact is the considerable growth in popularity of festivals and fairs between cultural visitors (Florek, Insch, & Gnoth, 2006). This area also has a heinous product development and has a growing competition between parties and events that sell for cultural tourists. In short, museums and monuments capture most of the market. Artistic, named because of the difficulties presentations, barely cover a small percentage of it. One of the most interesting research questions related to the preference of people about different cultural destinations in Europe. Paris, Rome and London were at the top of the list. These large metropolitan capitals are popular because they have a wealth of cultural attractions and, in the case of Paris, a romantic image that helps to increase its appeal.
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