The Importance Of Tourism Image

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Nowadays, people are becoming highly dependent on what is marketed right infront their eyes through the use of promotion and advertising, opinion from other people, and media which is the main source of the created perception of a potential tourist about a destination (Govers, et al, 2007). Today’s traveller can virtually tour destinations at the touch of a finger even before actually visiting the place through simple online marketing platforms (Solimar International, 2014) that give tourists ideas and knowledge about the particular destination. With the highly industrialized and technological world, the industry of tourism marketing continuously grows resulting in the number of international tourist arrivals, as of 2015, to 1,184 million, representing an increase of 4.4% with 50 million more tourist arrivals compared to 2014 with accords from the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO, 2016). In line with this, destination image plays an important role for the topic of this research since many tourists are attracted to a specific destination. Therefore, as Lopes (2014) and Tran (2013) stated, assessment of the brand image or the destination image is needed because it is one of the most important elements of a tourist destination and is known as one of the most important factors in promoting and marketing a successful tourist destination due to its impacts on both supply-demand side aspects of the marketing.
According to Wang, et al (2009), destination image
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