The Importance Of Tourism In Australia

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Australia is a country that has a perfect mix of flora and fauna with few the worlds ' most unique and varied natural environments. Amazing wildlife coupled with awe inspiring scenery and locations make the Country of the Kangaroos an ideal candidate to spend your holiday in. From trekking snow capped peaks, mountain biking to under water diving available to you, Australia gives you a chance to experience several emotions at the same time. Having said that let us now look at 8 of the best travel destinations in Australia you should never miss: The Grampians National Park: Australia is a vast country when it comes to area and hence the nation has a whole variety of wildlife on display and several amazing National Parks have been set up in order to conserve them. One of them is Grampians National park, located in Victoria about 175 kilometres away from the official end of the Great Ocean road, covering more than 1500 square kilometres. Famous for its sandstone ridges, amazing hiking spots and a rich rock art site, the National Park never ceases to capture the attention of people and leave them in state of amazement by the level of it 's beauty and diversity. Great Ocean Road: Another attraction located in the south eastern part of Australia in Victoria is the Great Ocean road which is around 150 miles long and is treat to the eyes as it goes along the coast with breath taking views and locations comprising of cliffs and the ocean. The narrow road winds around through

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