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Tourism is the action of travelling for recreation or the business or industry of giving information, accommodations, conveyance, and other benefits to tourists. Likewise ‘The Tourism Society’ elucidates tourism as the events of individuals identified as visitors. A tourist is somebody who is making a visit to a destination outside his or her normal everyday environment for less than a year for any purpose including; holidays, leisure, business, education or other reasons.
Besides its diamonds, Botswana’s keynote competitive advantage is its diverse and ample wildlife and natural resources, including the renowned Okavango Delta and Chobe River in the North and the Kalahari Desert in the South. With her abundant wildlife and natural resources, Botswana is sought after by international tourists and compliment the global trends towards major conservational
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The tourism sector is more important in Botswana more especially because the country has been dependent on mining for long thus increasing pressure for job creation. Henceforth, tourism is predominantly suited as a priority sector for economic diversification. The Botswana government seeks to broaden the tourism base by adding more product components and increasing the geographic spread of tourism.
The leading tourism sub-sectors in Botswana include; the attraction sector; Natural attractions and Cultural attractions, The accommodation sector; Hotels and Motels, The Transport sector airlines and Bus and Coach operators and the travel organizer sector that is tour operators travel agents and incentive travel organizer lastly Eco-tourism and midrange tourism day trips. For this research an analysis of the heritage site is been made, it forms a portion of the natural attractions in Botswana.

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