The Importance Of Tourism In Ireland

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The tourism in Ireland is one of the biggest contributors to its Economy with almost 7.3 million tourists visiting the country in the year 2014. In the 2011 it was voted as one of the “Favorite Holiday Destination in the World,” and was listed as one of the world’s friendliest country in the world. There is no doubt that this country will surely satisfy the dream break or vacation you are waiting to spend with your love one or with the whole family.

Ireland is located in the northwestern part of Europe and in the North Atlantic Ocean. It is on the European continent and part of the Eurasian Plate. It is the neighboring country of the United Kingdom to the west. It has an area of 70,280 sq. km, it has a length of 486 km from North to South,
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You can experience four different seasons in just a day. There is also a difference in temperature between the north and the southern part of the country and there are more rainfalls in the western part compared to the eastern part of the country. The daily winter temperature in Ireland ranges from 4°C to 7°C, while the daily temperature during summer varies from 14°C to 16°C. The temperature in Ireland barely exceeds with 25°C and rarely falls -5°C.

Regardless of when tourists visit Ireland, even in the middle of the summer tourist will surely still experience the rain so you better be ready with your waterproof coat because it is highly recommended.

The Republic of Ireland has 4 International Airports. One is in Dublin, Shannon in the county Clare, Cork and Ireland to the West and Knock in the Country of Mayo. Dublin is the 8th largest airport in the whole Europe, it is also one of the largest and has the most connecting flights to other airports and cities like in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, some neighboring countries in Europe and Middle Eastern countries.

Shannon Airport also has flights to the United States, Canada, Middle East, United Kingdom and Middle East. While in Cork it also has United Kingdom flights and wide variations to some European cities like London. And Knock Airport has daily flights to some of the UK cities and also some various chartered flights to some European
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It follows the main coast and the road between Londonderry and Belfast, with a distance of 120 miles. Switching it between the nice coastline and dipping inland to rural glens and villages from 195 miles away from the weaving trail between the cities of Belfast and Londonderry, it may not cover massive distances but each location is worth it and savoring.

This Wild Atlantic Way is one of the world’s famous coastal routes that spans to seven of Ireland’s districts and regions. This way will surely take you to some of Ireland’s breathtaking scenery and also along the way from Donegal to Galway, and from Kerry to Cork. The Atlantic Way is a journey full of discoveries because it will let you experience the untamed western coast of Ireland and start an adventure you will never want to end.

The Ireland’s Ancient East showcases the captivating culture of Ireland. The Celtic curiosities and the carefree wanderers to discover the Ireland’s Ancient East trail. This stretches from the Newgrange and Boyne Valley in the northeastern part. It is one of the most enjoyable places in Europe to experience the 5,000 years rich history of Ireland’s Ancient East. It is also one of the greatest keys to unlocking a treasure chest of holiday memories on the Emerald

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