The Importance Of Tourism In Ladakh

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Development is always complicated. Like in other beautiful places on the world, tourism is the Ladakhis biggest issue. At the moment, the presence of thousands of tourists in Ladakh is exerting a huge strain on the region’s scare resources. To reduce the negative impact of tourists, lots of measure is being taken already. For example, number of hotels are already taking in to consideration of this situation and following eco-friendly guide. This guide is a project of ISEC (International Society for Ecology and Culture) This Eco-Friendly Guide seeks to: •Encourage tourists to lend moral and financial support to those establishments in Leh where environmentally friendly practices and products can be found. •Prompt tourists to demand more such products and services. •Directly reduce the environmental costs of tourism. • Foster a stringent ethic of mindful travel generally that will hopefully stay with people wherever they go henceforth (importantly, this means avoiding destructive things as much as it means giving preference to sustainable things). •Change the perception that tourists need or want ‘Western’ amenities (e.g. flush toilets) and food (e.g. imported white bread). The more tourists use the guide and communicate that they are supporting local establishments because of their…show more content…
Because of the much distorted picture of the outside world that they are gaining through contact with tourists. As I am also from Bangladesh, it is not that hard to imagine how it is in Ladakh, I could easily relate myself with this sadess situations. Even when I was a kid I remember there was open space around our city and people were much more connected with nature. As I believe the hope is still there for future and it’s still possible to convert Ladakh as a sustainable model for

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