The Importance Of Tourism In Malaysia Tourism

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There must be few factors of eWOM that could influence tourists’ intention of travel to Malaysia. The intention of this piece of work is to explore dimensions of tourists’ usage on eWOM into conceptual model based on previous concepts on literatures and whether it could influence their travel intention in the Malaysia tourism. This study looks into the key factors of functional benefits, perceived risks, and costs that may affect their overall travel intention.

4.1 Functional Benefits Despite the broad consensus that the relationships must be mutually beneficial, scant attention has been paid to the tourists’ travel destination satisfaction while enjoying benefits from the internet usage (Jason et al, 2014). The relationship between the functional benefits and participation in the website would influence the tourists’ travel intention. Previous study shows that if tourists obtain more direct and useful information of host destination in the website, their intention to travel to that particular destination might increase. The more functions in a website for the tourists to review, more quality they will perceive for that website. For example, if tourists browse into the Tourism Malaysia website, they able to explore history and background Malaysia, local attractions like interesting place and food, and also latest events and festivals throughout the whole Malaysia, including Sabah and Sarawak (eastern states of Malaysia across the South China Sea). Besides, the

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