The Importance Of Tourism In Qingdao

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I have been to Hangzhou, which has been acclaimed as " Up above there is heaven; down below there are Suzhou and Hangzhou";I have also been to the prosperous international metropolis Shanghai, but in my eyes, the most beautiful is my hometown, Qingdao.Its located in the east coast of China.
It is the international coastal tourist resort, the international famous port city, national famous historical and cultural city and the national important regional economic center, Qingdao in economy, culture, tourism and other aspects has its unique advantages.
In 2008, Qingdao was the world 's most famous sailing boat, and the sports industry was developing rapidly in Qingdao.
The development of economic and culture has given Qingdao and Qingdao the conditions to
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For example, the TV Tower, the television tower known as the first China steel tower, height after the Eiffel Tower in Paris and Japan 's Tokyo TV station. Into the hall, take the high-speed elevator specially designed, can reach the automatic revolving restaurant 160 meters in a very short period of time, the restaurant 90 minutes a whirl, dining in the above can be in Qingdao a panoramic view.
And the May Fourth square in Qingdao, you must have heard it before. When entering the square, the first thing to see was a tall red building. Its name was "the wind of May"". Every holiday, 54 square will be a sea of people, the whole square packed, at this time, 54 square will also hold several theatrical performances, attracted many Chinese and foreign tourists. Go straight ahead and you 'll see a fountain more than 100 meters long. It 's very beautiful and spectacular.
There are also many tourist attractions such as TV Tower and the May Fourth square in Qingdao, such as the ten Mei nunnery, the jade palace, the music square, the Zhongshan Park and the underwater world. Whenever I come to these places, visitors hear mouth when issued praise sound in tourism, I am a Qingdao

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