The Importance Of Tourism In The Bahamas

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The Bahamas is an underrated and it is a less populated country that it may seem as an ordinary country, but it is not because of the unique attractions it possesses. Tourism is our number one main industry. One of the main attractions are our beaches and secondly, it would be our Bahamian cuisine. Some examples of Bahamian cuisine are fried snapper, lobster with pancakes, crab, and rice or conch salad. These types of food are an attraction to tourist because they are very rare to find all over the world except the Bahamas. The first thing tourists ask for when they come to The Bahamas is, “where is the beach?” The climate in many countries is colder when compared to the Bahamas. During most of our seasons it is always warm or hot and this attracts tourist to come to our country to soak in the sun and get a tan. Another factor that captivates tourist into coming to The Bahamas is our seas which are crystal blue, beautiful, and so clean that you will be able to see your own reflection. The Bahamas is a great location for a vacation, because it offers new experiences to new food and the various activities offered at our beaches like swimming, jet skiing, banana boat rides and snorkeling. On a nice warm Saturday, I drove to Taino Beach Resort and the first thing I noticed was the crystal blue water. It wasn’t to calm but it had just the right number of waves. I then proceeded to the water sports office and I paid to ride a jet ski. At first I was afraid, but I was always

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