The Importance Of Tourism In The Hospitality Industry

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The idea, “The customer is always right,” has become a general knowledge. In today’s world, this thinking has become obsolete. The hospitality industry has come to adopt that the customer comes first. That is why in terms of developing the hospitality product, the industry has been built to cater to the needs and wants of the customer. Tourism is considered as one of the main trade and industry activities in the world that contributes to economic, cultural and political advancement of various regions (Krippendorf, 1989). In connection, tourism has one principle sub-part called hotel business. Several organizations persistently look for better approaches to obtain, preserve and build business, since the expense of losing clients is rising.…show more content…
Lewis and Booms (1983) asserted that service quality is a measure of how well the service level delivered matches clients’ expectations. Conveying quality service implies fitting in with clients’ expectations on a steady basis. As social beings, humans constantly communicate and share everything from several stories to either good or bad experiences. Some of the most fascinating stories come from first-hand tourism encounters. Morgan et al (2010) mentioned that tourist experience is a mix of an organizations physical execution, the senses stimulated and emotions evoked, each naturally measured against clients’ expectations across all parts of contact. According to the official website of Clark Special Economic Zone, Clark Field, Pampanga was the largest foreign US airbase that has international airport with daily flights that connects to major communities around Asia. There are also golf courses, casinos, family-styled resorts that are of similar to the US suburban culture and fine-dining restaurants. In addition, there are several of hotels that offer accommodation. One of the hotels in Clark is the Royce Hotel, a 100 room property situated at the heart of Clark Special Economic Zone. Formerly named Oxford Hotel, Royce Hotel has recently changed its name for rebranding purposes, and has given minor renovation. On online booking sites such…show more content…
Once hotels meet expectations the more guests will check in and more tourists will come to the city that can open up more tourism-related employment opportunities.  Local Government Unit (LGU) This study will greatly help the LGU in improving the services in both tourism and hotel sector. Through this study, hotel sector will be able to collaborate with other stakeholders and can provide a high standard hotel accommodation in the city with very satisfying hotel experience.  Future Researchers Future researchers might use this study for their future endeavours in implementing a possible improvement in the service quality offered by hotels. Scope and Limitation The study will measure the service quality of Royce Hotel exclusively. Therefore, the results cannot be used as a generalization on the service quality of all hotels in Clark Field Pampanga. The study will also be limited to SERVQUAL to measure the perception and expectation of the identified respondents. The instrument by Markovic and Jankovic (2010) was used to better assess the service quality of Royce Hotel. The survey was conducted from December 26, 2015 to February 17,
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