The Importance Of Tourism In The Travel Industry

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Tourism is seen as one of the main industries in the world. "The World Travel and Tourism Council (2001) indicated that tourism creates more than ten percent of the global economic output and 1 in 10 jobs worldwide". "Tourism starts with the wealthy, with images of prestigious visits to seaside resorts and spas, Grand Tours and the activities of business enterprisers such as Thomas Cook" (Towner, 1995). In ancient times and approximately till the end of the 16th century people were living in agricultural communities was stationary, seldom moving from the local area and rural community. "Even with the beginning of the industrial revolution, which was making a slow start in the 18th century in urban and factory development, a richer 'elite…show more content…
Every year millions of people address the travel agencies asking for help choose place to spend their vacations. Working in this industry enables you to discover the world, to meet new people and to see new places. It’s a wonderful opportunity to open up the world for those who want to see! You should be able to see the world with open eyes of a child and to be able to make the others to see it like this also and to make them same interested like you are. Discovering new cultures, seeing new places is always exiting but only the work in travel industry can make these things a source of profit for you. Working in the travel and tourism industry no doubtfully demands perfect communication skills. It’s a good opportunity to develop and demonstrate your abilities in this sphere. You should be able to present services in the best way to make people interested, to make them remember you and your high-level service to come back to you in the future. It’s a wonderful opportunity to make business making people happy using your imagination and charm. It’s a work where business meets creativity to make the most of individual career experiences. This career choice gives you much freedom and

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