The Importance Of Traditional Classrooms

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Why Traditional Classrooms are Better Education is very important for everybody. Without education, people would not know how to do many of the things that they do and how to work. However, if education is done wrong, it may hurt students more than it helps them. Online education is a situation where that is possible. Learning in real life with teachers right there is much better. Traditional classrooms are better because they teach social skills, they make it easier to interact with teachers, and they give students a better work incentive. Traditional classrooms with other students helps develop social skills since the beginning of their school career. I personally know people who have done traditional and online, and they claim that traditional is better. If kids are around other kids when they are growing up, they are much more likely to be social and easy to get along with. Usually, kids who do online schooling happen to be more socially awkward than kids who go to a regular school. Learning in classes with other students gives opportunities to build friendships and meet new people. In an article by Rasmussen College, it is stated, “Despite technological advances, traditional education is still likely the better option for those who thrive on face-to-face communication (Erstad).” This statement shows that traditional classrooms are better for communication. If kids were stuck in front of a computer doing their work alone, it would be very boring and they would not be

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