The Importance Of Traditional Media

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News is a source of information about current events and major changes worldwide. Traditional media, also named as old media, is the most basic form to report the daily news, involving television, newspaper, radio and magazine. Furthermore, social media is the online communication platform to spread the news and almost become a news source. As a matter of fact, the use of social media is increasing continuously. For example, there are nearly two-thirds of American adults using social network and the impact of social media on the people’s lives is much deeper based on the study (Perrin, 2015). However, traditional media still has its advantages and unshakable position being the source of news. Traditional media are not likely to be replaced…show more content…
Though traditional media continue playing the role of highly trusted sources of news, the credibility of the social media is continually increasing from a public perspective (MarketingCharts, 2015). Social media tend to be more timely than traditional press. The modern trend that people browse news actively on social media has become popular. Social media are more likely to provide much free news, and people can be easily attracted by the showy headlines. However, the realness of social media is often unknown. The references were not given in many cases. Therefore, it is reasonable to suspect the existence of bias. Compared with poor credibility of social media, traditional media keep a better reputation. According to Noble (2014), the traditional media maintain the trustworthy information source. When it comes to the news, the straight fact cannot be substituted. Traditional media is a professional industry. Furthermore, it has a strong human and material resource for its business property so that the quality of news can be ensured. A study by Elite Daily demonstrated the traditional media are still valuable because more than half young respondents feel most enlightened when the news is from either newspapers or traditional press sites (Martinez, 2015). In summary, traditional media has better credibility than social…show more content…
Conversely, its evolution contributes to the unshakable position of the traditional media as a source of news. The appearance of social media motivated the traditional media which led to the evolution of traditional media along with the development of the era. From 2005 to 2015, the percentage of all grown-up men in America who use social media increased by 60% (Perrin, 2015). It means that Social media has a rapid development on the Internet. It depends on the improvement of technology to create highly interactive platforms for different users to share information and appeals many users to browse the news on it. To catch this indispensable and tremendous business opportunity, traditional media started its evolution connected to social technology. In recent years, traditional media spread the news to the public through the online platform. Nonetheless, traditional media keeps the same source of news in either online or print forms (Dimitrov, 2014). In short, traditional press may become irreplaceable due to its evolution as a source of

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