The Importance Of Traditional Parenting

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1. Introduction Our generation the 21st century generation is often referred to as the lost generation due to how we behave and carry ourselves but the question remains, did we parent ourselves?, did we bring ourselves to this world?. The answer to this is “No”, our generation is not the lost one but was born of the lost generation. The problem lies on how we were raised our parents seem to have lost the plot by failing to integrate the traditional way of parenting in our upbringing. The perception that older people have about us and how they normally refer to our actions or misconduct as “youth of today” whereas the problems on how we conduct ourselves were. Indigenous Knowledge encompasses spiritual relationships, relationships with natural resources, relationships with other people and all in all how we treat ourselves. The effect of moving away from traditional practices has led majority of young people living reckless lives by being disobedient and disrespectful. This thus co-relates with the way thing used to be done in the olden days using folk knowledge that our forefathers had that had produced better responsible citizens. Furthermore relates to our question since with education parents can improve their way of parenting by learning more from the indigenous knowledge. In this essay I intend to argue for traditional parenting to not be overlooked but to be used as a central guide for better parenting in the modern world. The traditional way of raising children or

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