The Importance Of Traffic In EDSA

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Judged by the monstrous traffic Not every problem has a solution. Take the traffic in EDSA as an example. As Cabinet Secretary Rene Almendras said, “No you cannot solve EDSA. What you can only do is improve it.”(Garcia,2015 paragraph 19). We all know that EDSA is really a place where everything sucks. It has been years that Filipinos were stuck in a heavy traffic whenever they are entering EDSA. The traffic that we are experiencing now is really caused by the lack of discipline of the drivers and commuters. In this case, you cannot put all the blame to the government. The public is also accountable to the traffic jam that each one of us is experiencing. Undisciplined commuters and drivers plus corrupt traffic enforcers plus not implementing the traffic rules properly equals monstrous traffic. People nowadays are always in a hurry. Some drivers want to pick up passengers whenever they have the opportunity to do so. The roads are clogged because of too many old buses…show more content…
Don’t play innocent. Each one of us violates traffic rules. This monstrous traffic can’t be solved or improved with just a snap. It would take time. In order for us to improve the traffic not only in EDSA but everywhere in the Philippines, we need to be cooperative with the authority in terms of implementing the traffic rules. We need to have a wide understanding that traffic will get worse if we stayed undisciplined. Try to look at it, isn’t it a perfect combination? Undisciplined drivers, commuters and corrupt traffic enforcers. This is why Filipinos always disobey the traffic rules. Traffic rules are not implemented properly. In order for us to solve or improve traffic, the public and the government must have a joint effort. Rules are rules. It should be implemented as strict as it can be. If we want a better EDSA, we must change. Show some discipline, and time will come that traffic is being resolved by the whole
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