The Importance Of Transcendence In Artificial Intelligence

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Before beginning, we must define the meaning of "Transcendence," Transcendence is linked to cross any limits, whether physical or symbolic.
And they may be consciously or unconsciously in any case it is always temporary and results in something of great importance or severity.

In the film we are shown as technological advancement in this case called AI (Artificial Intelligence) which is researched and developed by the protagonist Dr. Will Caster (Johnny Depp) crosses the limits of human control over the machine or computer, since this gets to develop rationing and human thought, so much so that over a period of the film is not known if the computer handles the brain or Dr. Will Caster is the one that handles all computer and want to be or resemble God in the way that controls all development and evolution of the world and the human being.

Through this computer he manages to connect all the Internet networks and basically control everything. It is at this time when his colleagues convince his wife, who is supporting him and was the one that connected him to the machine so he would continue "alive" at the beginning of the film, that the machine controls him and is able to control the entire world.

For all these reasons they join a group of young people initially listed as
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For this is what the whole movie is based on, dependence on technology, the need to control things and utility to fix the world with Artificial Intelligence. The answer to this question is yes, we are becoming more dependent on technology. In the sense of the need to use it for everything, a digital alarm to get up, an electric toothbrush to brush your teeth, an electric skateboard to not have to walk, "Google" to answer our questions, "Wikipedia" to make our tasks, "Word" on a computer to write for us, and many more other things. The truth is that all this makes life easier if, but also makes us lazy and

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