The Importance Of Transcendentalism In Today's Culture

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Felisha Mann Transcendentalism is present in today’s culture in ways we do not even notice. It is in our music, television, and movies. These parts of today 's culture show free thought, nonconformity, and the role of nature. In Today 's music a common transcendentalism theme is shown. Music shows free thought. For example Keep Ya Head Up by Tupac Shakur demonstrates free thought, society’s effect on humanity, and standing up for yourself against another individual. Tupac speaks about the importance of pointing out the issues with the government by speaking out about it peacefully. Tupac understood the issues with today 's society and wrote about them in his song. Tupac truly believes that standing up for one 's beliefs is essential to one 's true freedom. Transcendentalism is found in this song when Tupac talks about the government and the future of today 's youth. He believes it is doomed because our government does not provide support to the people in the nation with struggling with poverty; he encouraged impoverished people to fight back against the corruption and stand up for what they believe is right. Shakur also disliked the government because of its flaws in its policies. The government criticized Tupac who was sending messages to the youth that could seem negative. “They 've got money for wars but can 't feed the poor, say they are there ain 't no hope for the Youth and the truth is there ain 't no hope for the future. And they wonder why they crazy… we ain 't
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