The Importance Of Transformational Leadership

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The success of any organization in the current competitive world is directly linked to how well and consistently the organization performs, and the style of leadership plays a significant role in this performance (Ojokuku, Odetayo & Sajuyigbe, 2012). With this perspective, leadership can be defined as the capability of an individual to persuade and inspire others so that they contribute towards effectiveness and success of the organization (Yukl & Becker, 2006). Various leadership styles and their influence on organizational success have been advanced and studied (Nanjundeswaraswamy & Swamy, 2014). One such style is the transformational leadership style, which according to Givens (2008), acts as a driving force for organizational performance and innovation. Besides, he adds, transformational leadership enhances employee job satisfaction as the transformational leader interacts with subordinates to motivate them to achieve maximum output in their work responsibilities (Jalal, Khawaja, Kamariah, Fosa, Muhd & Ahmad, 2012). It suffices to say therefore that in the current hypercompetitive and globalized world, to sustainably achieve organizational effectiveness and relevance, leaders must adopt effective leadership styles that are responsive to the dynamic operating environment. A leadership style is the behavior a leader exhibits while guiding organizational members in appropriate directions (Certo & Certo, 2006). Leaders improve their style over a period of time due to
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