The Importance Of Transportation And Transportation

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Transportation & Communication Transportation Transportation may be a considerable expense depending on where you live, need to travel and your options, since most of us have a car, let us study saving alternatives in this area. Lowering gas consumption may start by altering driving style: • Slow down when you drive, avoid fast accelerations and keep a steady pace. • Keep the vehicle maintained. In addition, avoid driving unnecessarily: • Do all your shopping at once instead of driving several times. • Your employer may allow for using the “home office” occasionally. • Shop on the internet, this may save you additional money. However, choosing the right vehicle should save you considerably more than changing the driving style: • To keep transportation costs down, buy a vehicle that fit rather than exceed needs. • Size matters, i.e. the smaller the car the cheaper, this applies to cost price, insurance, maintenance and cost of driving, and in addition, parking is easier. • Even for cars of the same size, there may be considerable difference in cost per mile, i.e. checking out car reviews may save you a bundle. • A motorbike may be cheaper and much more fun. In addition, there are alternative means of saving that require no major investments: • In Denmark, cycling has become extremely popular; is it much cheaper, keeps you fit and you can enjoy the fresh air. • Some put on the backpack and run to and from work each day making this their daily exercise. A health

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