The Importance Of Transportation Inventions During The Industrial Revolution

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Amy Craig
November 19, 2014
Mr. O’Murchu
Which set of inventions caused the greatest changes?
Transportation Inventions
In the Industrial Revolution, there were many new technological advancements that still affect the world today. These inventions include, for example, the Model T Ford, the telephone, and the first airplane. During the Industrial Revolution, new inventions helped transport cumbersome objects in a speedier fashion. They also generated new items faster and with more efficiency. Two example of these items is the improved sewing machine and the cotton gin. The advancements also boosted the country 's economy. These technological advancements are categorized under transportation, mechanical, electrical, medical and scientific. However, the most important of these inventions are the transportation ones including the steam engine, locomotives, and improved roads. Steam engines, locomotives, and improved roads all contributed to boosting the economy and helped transport items with more efficiency compared to the previous centuries. The steam engine was a very important invention during the Industrial Revolution. The inventor of the most efficient and practical steam engine was James Watt. However, he was not the first person to create the engine. Previously, the engines dated back to as far as the late 1600s but they were not powered by steam. James Watt was the first person to successfully make a practical steam engine. The steam engine, had effects on
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