The Importance Of Transportation Justice

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Have you ever imagined what life would be without use of transportation in your daily life? Today I will try to help you see what it is like.
Today I will be talking about transportation justice and how it helps in mine and your community. I took a photo of a trolley because to me that is the best way it is people get around in this community. I took this photo because it is important to have trolleys in our community, because not a lot of people in the community have enough money to buy cars so the trolley or bus is the best way to get from point A to point B. I took this photo in Downtown, San Diego because that is where most of the trolleys and buses are, it was also very convenient because my school is in Downtown and it was a very easy
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Transportation Justice is getting from point A to point B and justice is the freedom or right to something. Transportation Justice helps the low-income people of color because that is mostly the people that can’t afford the transportation and have to take a trolley or a bus. It helps low-income families and communities have transportation services when they need them since they can’t afford other ways of transportation. Transportation Justice will be a big part not only in our community but in the world it will help get things done faster, everything will be smoother, and it will help a lot of low-income communities get to school and jobs.
Why is Transportation Justice so important? Transportation Justice is so important because it will help the community and the world greatly. It will solve a lot of problems with time management and everything running smoothly. Transportation Justice helps the community because it will give kids and adults with low-income get to school and work, it will also help because it will help the environment greatly. Transportation Justice in general will help the whole community and the world, it will not only make the low-income and high-income communities become equal and help the
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