The Importance Of Transportation

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“Nothing is more important to civilization than transportation” (The Importance of…, n.d.). The civilization has made people form communities. As communities develop, many things also develop. The community needs to provide its people’s convenience. One of the projects that the government will surely develop is the infrastructure. For example, According to Vine & Marston (2011), Dubai started to become prosperous after the United Arab Emirates (UAE) found oils, and the country started to develop its infrastructure and transportation system. Infrastructure meant by “the basic systems and services that are necessary for a country or an organisation to run smoothly” (Infrastructure, 2005). Hence, this essay will illustrate (“Metro milestone,” n.d.)e the similarities and differences between metropolitan, cruise and airway in Dubai and Tokyo. The major difference between transportation in Dubai and Tokyo is about the concept of metro. To begin with, the Dubai metro milestone called ‘Al Ghurair’ was introduced in the 21 century (“Metro milestone,” n.d.). The concept of this metro was to be swift and to meet its people need [Emirate]. To elucidate, the plan was to allocate this type of transportation in almost every places in the city, so that its people could travel across the city conveniently, efficiently, and safely. On the other hand, the Tokyo metro line operated with other railway companies (“Transportation service,” n.d.). The total accumulation length of the Tokyo

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