Essay On My Last Vacation In Japan

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The flowers were blooming with colors, it was spring when my mother decided to take me to Japan with her. I was 16 years old when I have this opportunity to travel and stay at Tokyo for a week. I can say it was the best week of my life but the flight is terrible. Sitting down for 16 hours in a plane can make you so stiff and uncomfortable. The chairs did not have enough leg room for each person. I always wished I would get the seats near the emergency exits because those are the sections that are generous with space. I have no problem sleeping in planes, but the neck pain is really ridiculous. The food is not quite appetizing they give you a fruit and a choice of rice and meat. The air is so dry that you skin gets dehydrated making it feel like alligator skin. If you never been on an airplane before it is essential to bring either a face mask or moisturizer and to dress comfortable.…show more content…
As we walk outside the terminal my mother and I waved to lure a taxi near by to come pick us up. We made it to our hotel safe and I look at my phone there was no service. I was not delighted to see “No Service” on the top left of the screen and I look to right of the lobby they had prepaid computers. I sighed and I felt relieved just in case I was home sick I was able to talk to my best friend Nicole from home. We went upstairs our room had two sections having one bedroom and a bathroom. It was a simple design the bathroom was somewhat small and everything obviously in japanese so I could not understand any instructions in the room. To be honest I did not know what my mother had planned for us. Evie speaks a bit of Japanese so we did not get lost when we took the train the next day. It was gloomy and it was drizzling in Tokyo but it was beautiful. I wish I appreciated this trip when I was young because now that I'm older I know I would make the best of
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